Unconference Basics

An un-conference is any event where the agenda is set by those who attend.

The rules of an un-conference are simple:

Rule #1: Whoever shows up are the right people

Rule #2: Whatever happens is fine (within the Code of Conduct)

Rule #3: Whenever it starts is the right time

Rule #4: It is over when it’s over

Setting the Agenda

At the beginning of the meeting, participants will have a bit of time to gather and meet informally before the initial planning gets underway.

An empty conference agenda will be posted, with time slots and a variety of meeting spaces. Attendees can then share a theme or question they would like to discuss and post it in a time slot. If you post a topic, it is your responsibility to turn up to that session and introduce your topic or question. When you are not hosting a session, you are free to attend whichever of the sessions you are interested in.

A breathable agenda

Everyone at an un-conference is encouraged to experience the meeting as they choose. If you are attending a particular session and become uninterested at any point, you are encouraged to leave and join another session. You are also invited to take breaks at any time you like.