Becoming Interplanetary

On September 27, 2018, we will be hosting a public event at the Library of Congress Kluge Center, entitled "Becoming Interplanetary: What Living on Earth Can Teach Us about Living on Mars”.

The event will be a day of panels and performances, organized around three "beats" (see below). The full day will be streamed online for remote viewers, or you are welcome to attend in person.

A program overview is below; details will be filled in as they become available. 


Beat 1: The Right Stuff

Tom Wolfe’s book, “The Right Stuff”, cemented the ideal of the cowboy astronaut, drawing on the frontier themes that have long been used to talk about space. How do these narratives of space exploration inform and influence modern ideas about who can explore space? What does it mean to have the “Right Stuff”, and how is that meaning evolving?


Beat 2: Mars on Earth

Thanks to our spacecraft, we now know more about the Martian environment than ever before-- and are on the precipice of sending humans to explore further. What can we learn from the history of exploration on Earth, and how might we understand the Martian environment within the framework of these Earthly lessons? 


Beat 3: Alternative Futurisms

Science fiction has the power to inspire and instruct us as we envision the future, but it has also long been a vehicle for myths of manifest destiny. What alternative viewpoints on humanity’s future in space might exist, and how might these conceptualize life off-world in radically different ways?